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 Yin and Yang

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Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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PostSubject: Yin and Yang    Yin and Yang  Icon_minitimeSun Mar 20, 2011 4:56 pm

Plot: Everything in our world has a light and dark, a yin and yang. For the longest time I thought the labyrinth had been a fairy tale. That was untill I had got pulled inside by none other than the goblin king himself. That experience shattered my existence. Changed my life. Changed me. I am grateful for the lesson that man has taught me.

Except I haven’t seen him since that Fateful night. 6 years have passed and not a sight of him. I almost would have thought it a dream were it not for my friends visiting me every so often. Ever since then I have had a good life. My home life had changed. My parents were finally able to talk to me without me acting like a drama queen. I took care of my younger brother and I even managed to make a few friends aside from Hoggle and everyone from the labyrinth. And then something changed.

I felt something inside of me shifting. Changing my priorities in life. Something was calling to me. It needed my help. The labyrinth...The labyrinth was in trouble. And so was its king....

(OK so I didn’t want to give the whole thing away so i tried to make the plot as short as I could. I’m hoping my first post will help clear everything up but if not PM me and i will explain)

Partners: I am of course seeking a Jareth. Other characters are welcomed. My other two characters I am adding are mostly going to be controlled by me but others may control them up to a certain degree.


Sarah Williams

She is now 21 and will once again be venturing back to the labyrinth without the Goblin King's Knoweldge (you'll learn more in the first post)

Yin and Yang  SarahWilliams


His true name as of yet is unknown as is his purpose for what he is doing.

Yin and Yang  Acheron_Parthenopaeus-1


Her ture name as of yet is unknown. Her purpose is to destroy Jareth and take the Labyrinth from his control to preserve her and Yang's world.

Yin and Yang  Dark

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Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

Number of posts : 28
Age : 28
Location : ~ Looking for my Goblin King ~
Points : 3795
Registration date : 2009-01-03

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PostSubject: Re: Yin and Yang    Yin and Yang  Icon_minitimeSun Mar 20, 2011 8:47 pm

Sarah smiled across the table to a young man her parents were trying to set her up with. He was a publishers son and was on his way to becoming a writer. Of course her parents would try to pawn her off on a wealthy fellow. It was just to bad this fellow Johnathan was 6 years to late to capture her heart. She smiled warmly at the dinner guests before standing to excuse herself for the evening. Her parent's gave her a sharp look of concern. she merely smiled and walked up to her bedroom.

Closing the door and locking it behind her she stared at herself in the mirror. The long black dress she wore was a gift for her 18th birthday from her parents. It was a very expensive gift. Karen had merely said every woman needed to own a sexy black dress. Sarah had been surprised but she had to admit she loved this dress with the hip chain that completed the dress.

She walked to the mirror her radiant green eyes shimmering with unshed tears. She needed the comfort of her friend. It had been so long since Anyone came to visit. She hopped they didn’t forget about her. What if she had been replaced by another? The thought made her heart shatter. "Hoggle?" She called out hesitantly.

The mirror shimmered and she felt relief. Hoggle's image appeared and then he was there. Though he looked...frighted. “What's wrong?” She asked.

“ need to come back to the labyinth. Something ain't right there. Ever since you've gone weird things have been happening. Goblins have been disappearing and things breaking down in the labyrinth...All without Jareth's doin'.” The green goblin told her

“...Jareth...” Sarah murmured his name. It's been so long since she heard anything about the goblin king.

“He claims everything is alright but us goblins know It ain't. Its like the labyrinth is losing its magic. It's dying.”

“Why tell me this?” Sarah asked

“Because when you left you threw our would out of sync. You defeated Jareth and the Labyrinth. There's more to the labyrinth then your story told you.” He said.

“Alright Hoggle” She said walked towards him as he held out his hand. As she reached out her hand fazed through the mirror and touched his smaller one. With a smile he pulled her in.

~~2 hours later~~

She stood in the center of the labyrinth and looked around in shock. The green hedges were dying. Ther stone wall's crumbling.

“What...who's responsible for this?” She asked.

“You” Hoggle said making her whirl on him “Me?!”

“When you left and defeated Jareth it would seem you took some of the powers of the labyrinth with you. Least that's what one of the goblins told me after over hearing Jareth speculating what could be happening. There's a world. Parallel to us. Its called the the dark depths. Its the darkness of our world.” He said. “Like Yin and Yang?” Sarah said and only got a confused look from him. Right...he didn’t know much of her world lingo.

“ what do I have to do. I don't even have the powers you so speak of.” She said

“You don't know how to use them or bring them on is all. You need to learn” He said

“How? I don't exactly learn how to wield magic in my world. Cant Jareth help me?” She asked making him wince

“What now?”

“He uh...doesn't know your here....He didn’t want you to come.” He said

That hurt her more then it should have. “W-what...why that pompous...” She started before stopping as fear crossed Hoggle's eyes. She turned expecting to see Jareth. Instead it was a cloaked figure.

“You dare defy your orders and bring that wench back here.” She couldn't tell if it was male or female giving it sounded so distorted. The figure reached for her. “I'll kill you girl” The form said touching her arm before it let out a screaming pierce as light surrounded it. “It's not possible!” the form said before disappearing.

“You repelled the shadow!” Hoggle said excitedly. “We have to tell Jareth! He'll be happy about you defeating the shadow so easily while he had a hard time expelling them” They started to walk towards the labyrinth.


The cloaked figure screamed as it tore the cloak off. Long ice bklond hair tumbled to the floor as the woman held her scarred hand that was slowly healing.

“That girl! She held untold power! How did she get it!? She must be that tramp that that foolish Goblin King got himself attached to. If they become one all our plans will be ruined. We must keep them from uniting.”The woman screeched.

The man before her bowed “As you wish” And then he vanished.

(alright. Very sorry for the long post but the first one's usually are. If you have questions or idea's please let me know)
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Yin and Yang
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