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 Rules for Labyrinth Roleplays

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PostSubject: Rules for Labyrinth Roleplays   Rules for Labyrinth Roleplays Icon_minitimeFri Aug 22, 2008 4:12 pm

Rules... who likes them?
Hardly anyone, I know.
But although they are annoying, please pay attention.

Rules for Labyrinth Roleplaying

1) There can only be one person per character in each roleplay.
PM the creator of the topic to request a status as one of the characters before you post, because it's slightly confusing to have three Sarahs in the same roleplay.

I also would like to establish the fact that yes, my character is Jareth, but if I'm not posting in a topic, you have free rein to throw someone else in as Jareth.

If you have signed up with a Labyrinth character name as your screen name then it usually indicates that you want to rp as that character. But it's not a given.

2) Show your literacy.
Unless it's in the chatbox or in the Oubliette, PLEASE refrain from chatspeak in your posts. Should you need to add a comment in your post please put it at the end and in brackets or parentheses, so it is an obviously different part of your post.

3) Be polite.
Don't put down any other person, use unnecessary profanity (especially towards someone else), or kill anyone's character for no reason, because all of those are rude, uncalled for, and you will be banned.

4) Be imaginative and have fun.
This is a given. If you're here, you're here for fun.

5) If there is a problem, contact the Administrator (me) or a Moderator.
We will fix problems as soon as we notice them, but if you see something wrong, please PM us!

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Rules for Labyrinth Roleplays
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